Young, free, dynamic, cosmopolitan who likes to feel cool, special, a woman who gives free rein to her imagination, well informed in the world of fashion and its trends, stepping strong wherever she goes, always behind the tradition and know-how of DOLORES CORTÉS.

“Happiness is in having the ability and attitude to enjoy those little moments that life gives us.
I like to watch the sunset on the beach. I try not to miss it ever. It's a date with myself and the present. I like to wait until just that moment when the Sun gives us its warm farewell, to face a new day full of energy and vitality.”



Festival looks are used to inspire the most bohemian trend. Coordinated/ uncoordinated prints and colors to create a fresh and sophisticated nomadic style. Broken colors on lurex fabrics and small handcrafted finishes, immerse us in a multicultural mix.


The skins intermingle with tropical flora creating dynamic and vitalic prints. Ties and ruffles give it a romantic-chic touch. The color palette, powdered; where pink, green and blue stand out, pay tribute to the most tropical naif.


Looking at the past allows us to go into the future. Trend that takes as inspiration the colors and shapes of the 70’s. Bikinis in bicolor Jacquard fabric contrast with multicolored maxi prints of vivid colors that give a nod to fluorescent tones.